Custom lashes that fit your style

Best known for eyelash artistry.

Glam Spa by Shannique offers the best eyelash and beauty experience in Agoura Hills. Eyelash extensions are great for enhancing your natural lashes, giving you more lashes, and creating looks without the hassle of mascara. 

Natural Classic Lashes:

A beautiful natural set of lashes to enhance your own. Light and no need for mascara. 

Full Set: $175 

Fill: $60 

Full Classic Lashes:

Still creating a natural look, but fuller. 

Full Set: $200

Fill: $70 


Volume Lashes:

A fluffy, full lash look. 

Full Set: $250 

Fill: $85 

Hybrid Lashes:

A combination of a classic and volume set of lashes.

Full Set: $200-$250

Fill: $75

Mega Volume Lashes:

Also Known as Russian volume. Thick as can be fluffy lashes. 

Full Set: $300-350

Fill: $95-100

Bottom Lashes:

Complete your look with bottom lash extensions. 

Full Set: $60

Fill: $40

Lash Lift:

Keratin perm for your natural lashes.


Get Trained and Certified by Master Artist Shannique:

Offering certification in both Classic and Volume Lash Extensions!

Lash Removal:


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