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Glam Spa in The Media

Shannique Austin, top celebrity lash artist, and master stylist has been in the industry for over 20 years. So of course, she's been featured in several magazines, podcasts, and other media articles. Read all about Glam Spa in the media, and get exclusive beauty tips from the Lash Queen herself, right here!

Shannique made the cover and voted #1 in LA

Los Angeles Entrepreneurs Magazine

In July 2021, Shannique was featured on the cover of the LA Entrepreneurs Magazine and Glam Spa by Shannique was named the #1 beauty spa in LA. Shannique is surely a business entrepreneur to watch. 

Best spa in LA

Shannique was recently featured in Authority Magazine, where she gets deep about what she loves (and her concerns) about the modern beauty industry, as well as some advice for others looking to step into the world of beauty and business. 

Read here: Shannique Austin of Glam Spa by Shannique: Five Things You Need To Know To Succeed In The Modern Beauty Industry

shannique on pod cast and magazine interview
Exciting interviews with shannique
shanniques tips and tricks to grow your lashes

In Shannique's second Bustle article she shares her favorite makeup trend and some tips on how to master it.

Read here: Makeup Artists Spill The 15 Trends You Need To Know

Shannique has been featured in two different Bustle articles, the first in which she shares some expert beauty secrets on how to make your lashes grow longer and stronger. 

Read here: These Ways To Make Your Lashes Grow Are Incredible

shanniques tips and tricks interview

Brand new podcast!

more to read on Glam spa
Shanniques pod cast interview
Glam Spa on Voyage LA.

In this very personal article, Shannique answers questions about her journey in the industry, opening and running the spa, and even her childhood

Read here: Meet Shannique Austin

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