Our lash technicians strive to bring you the best in lashes, from maintaining  the health of your natural lashes, to customizing your look to give you the beautiful, full lashes you've been dreaming of.



Natural volume


Specialty lashes

- Mega Volume Lashes

- Colored lashes

- Lash charms

- Bottom extensions

- Glitter-dipped lashes

Lash Lift & Tint


Here at Glam Spa we love skin care. Skin care = self care, so we take our facials seriously. We use high quality ingredients that are meant to soothe and rejuvinate the skin. And with a long list of specialty facials - whether you're looking to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, or soothe irritation and acne - we have something meant just for you! Glam Spa has a variety of facials meant for all ages and all types of skin. Book your specialty facial at Glam Spa today and give your skin a treat while you sit back and relax, you deserve it!